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Notice to Our Clients

AMSA is closed due to insurance system related financial issues.

AMSA is operating ongoing records management, so all medical records are available and secure.

If you need to request medical records, please send a signed medical records release to our FAX at 206-420-8393.

The main phone number is active and forwarded (206-629-2186).

Dr. Anderson has a second clinic dedicated to therapies for cancer and chronic illness at Advanced Medical Therapies providing IV and Injection therapies, Hyperbaric Medicine, Detoxification and Mild Hyperthermia which is two blocks from the old AMSA clinic.

This clinic has a state of the art cleanroom and new facilities. The contact information is below. If you already are a patient at AMSA for these therapies you can continue them at the new clinic, and the new clinic has automatic access to your records. The website for this clinic is:

>> Advanced Medical Therapies